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Crystals are encoded with information directly from the Earth, they are very intelligent and have been used in ancient civilizations since antiquity to correct physical, emotional, and metaphysical imbalances within the body. They are also tools to remind you of how powerful you already are. I give a guide to the benefits of each gem within each listing, but the key to harnessing the full potential of crystal healing is having the courage and faith to believe in the effectiveness of your gemstones and the intention you set.

For the crystal to help you manifest your intentions into reality, you have to be clear on what your exact intention is. The stones are listening. After programming the crystals with your intention, your crystal will be activated. Remember to cleanse and recharge your crystals often, which is known to magnify your intentions and enhance their healing properties. 

My interest in Spirituality is the driver for this shop; from a young age, I have always been curious as to why we are all here and what we are doing/ meant to be doing with our lives. My curiosity and thirst for knowledge expand by the day and this shop allows me to express this side of my being. Crystals found me, I now have crystals at work, under my pillow, hidden in areas of my home, a tiger’s eye for my handbag, it just became a natural attraction that developed over time.

I hope you enjoy my shop. If you have any questions or any issues with your orders please feel free to message me.

Stay Blessed x

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