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Best Healing Crystals for the Dreaded Mercury Retrograde

Dates for Mercury Retrograde in 2022

The dreaded Mercury Retrograde will rear its head four times in the year 2022, according to the Astrology zone, these will be on:

  • Jan. 14 to Feb. 3
  • May 10 to June 2
  • Sept. 9 to Oct. 2.
  • Dec. 29 to Jan. 18, 2023.

In astrology, retrogrades essentially mean a time of slow movement, when they appear to move backward in their orbit in relation to Earth. This cosmic event can cause changes in energy levels in all aspects of life, as the unusual motion of the planet throws our energy out of kilter. You may experience setbacks during all types of retrogrades, depending on the area of life a planet is said to govern. Mercury is the Ancient messenger of the Gods, Mercury rules over all types of communication, and highlights things that are not already working and may need tweaking.

Retrogrades aren’t here to harm you. They are here to challenge you to move outside of your comfort zone. Pay attention to the lessons that the energies are trying to teach you and apply the knowledge to your life. Some people are more affected by the Planets’ movements than others. This depends on what you are personally going through, how energetically sensitive you are, and/or if you have the Planet Mercury or the Sign it is currently transiting through in any significant placements in your Natal Chart. Mercury rules over the 3rd House of Communication. To take a look at your birth chart to see what planets you have in the 3rd house click here.

It is important to be doubly aware of what you are saying and writing during Mercury retrogrades, as your thoughts, words, and feelings may get lost in translation. Make sure to double-check all forms of written communication and avoid signing any contracts during this time. It may be tempting to split up with your partner at this time; however be extra patient with each other, make sure this is something you really want to do and not something that you are currently experiencing. It can be difficult to communicate your feelings at this time or receive mixed messages. Overall, being extra patient and flexible with timing and communication during these periods of retrograde will make any inconvenience feel a little less troubling. I tend to receive communication from previous relationships at Mercury Retrogrades, to reconcile, be cautious to not regress at this time, there is a fine line of resolution and allowing the same patterns to enter back into your life, especially if you have had to do a lot of healing around this relationship.

Crystals to support Mercury Retrograde

Due to the unpredictable nature of retrograde energy, I recommend six crystals below to provide a pathway through which you can channel your energy for more stable auras. This is a time in which meditation is especially useful, to step away from such chaotic changes, reflect and relieve stress. Given that this is an unusual time, we’re being asked to grow and forced out of our comfort zones so breathe, surrender and make graceful steps forward.

  1. Red Jasper for grounding and keeping our feet on the ground
  2. Amethyst to ward away negative feelings and relieve stress
  3. Fluorite, the confusing headspace Mercury Retrogrades can sometimes send us into can be mitigated with the calm, clarity-inducing properties of Fluorite.
  4. Black Tourmaline, one of the best grounding and protecting stones out there. Tourmaline helps connect us back to the Earth and feel safe and secure, bringing our head out of the clouds and into the present moment.
  5. Clear Quartz – The master of healing crystals, to invite guidance and harmony.
  6. Rose Quartz – The stone of universal love, to open up our hearts and embody loving compassion for both ourselves and others. During what can sometimes be slightly messy times, it’s important to stay in the flow of love and understanding, and remain rooted in our acceptance for what is.

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