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Blue Sandstone Hexagonal Point


Blue Sandstone or Blue Goldstone is a manmade gemstone this crystals meaning is vigor, good humor, and confidence.


Blue sandstone or Blue Goldstone is a manmade but stunning gemstone, with a long history dating back to the 16th or 17th Century. It is made by putting copper natural quartz sand, creating a sparkling bedazzling and beautiful stone. There are legends about who created the first goldstone. Whether it was an Italian monk alchemy experiment or Venetian nobility it has rich and established history and tradition. Despite not being a naturally occurring gemstone it has a long tradition as an amulet. It has very positive energy, energies the user with healing energy that gives vigor, good humor, and confidence. It is also associated with good luck, especially money luck or expanding assets. It can be charged by putting it in the morning or evening sun. This crystal is shaped in accordance with the “hexagonal system” law of nature. This means things in nature have a great propensity to form in hexagonal shapes, including beehives, carbon atoms in organic molecules, and basalt columns. Many crystals are packed together at the molecular level in hexagons. This means they naturally form into hexagonal shapes just as in the basalt columns of the Giant’s Causeway Ireland. Healing crystals in this form have focused and concentrated energy.

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