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Malachite is the transformation stone. This stone of transition gives you the wisdom to see the traps you fell into in the past so that you can avoid them in the future. Known for helping you to grow, malachite energy imbues the spirit with determination to create positive changes. By opening the heart chakra, it increases passion and will help you to attract new people and opportunities into your life. Malachite helps you to transform your health. This is a crystal for health that is ideal for transitions. As a stone of transformation, it guides your mind, body, and spirit through the journey toward healthier perspectives. Find a sense of peace and motivation to continue living with vigor. Malachite transports your focus to the present and future and directs your energy to find a peaceful state. Malachite helps to transform your love life. Tough love is what malachite energy is all about. It doesn’t let you engage in those same old negative patterns. When you connect with malachite, you often gain clarity on the situations or circumstances that you can change to create positive progress.

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100g 8-12mm, 100g 12-15mm


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