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Opalite Tumbled Stones


Opalite Tumbled Stones, a cool uncomplicated stone, with a brilliant iridescent shimmer. Sometimes called the Tiffany’s stone or the ice cream opal. Great for beginners.


Opalite is a beautiful man-made crystal. It is a very gentle stone. Holding a piece of Opalite can remind us of the need to slow down and to regain balance. Its calming energy makes it a useful stone to have with you if you are in an environment where things can get stressful. Due to opalite man-made nature it is best used for the more straightforward challenges in life, rather than deep or very serious topics. It has a beautiful gleam, shimmer, and a lustrous rainbowlike play of colour. Its playful iridescence nature is reflected in the stones healing energy and properties. It’s is sometimes called the Tiffany’s Stone, and is a reference to the baby blue wrapping paper that famous New York Art Nouveau jewelers uses. Its other nickname is the ice-cream opal again another reference to its cool appearance and gleeful childlike nature. It is an uncomplicated stone and has playful energy reminding us to look on the bright side of life, and not to take things too seriously, and not to overcomplicate things. It can easily turn a frown into a smile. It symbolises hope, youthfulness, and optimism. It is a brilliant beginner’s stone due to its gentle and calm nature. It is much more simple to understand than some other more challenging more complicated stones, which will require practice and experience to understand their true nature. Opalite pairs well with the other man-made stones blue-stand stone together creates very strong energy of manifestation and determination Opalite is also often associated with meditation and healing. It’s a useful tool for enhancing the abilities of the Crown Chakra, removing blocks and stagnant energy, and opening up the Third Eye Chakra for clearer psychic visions.

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