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Truth Enhancing abilities of Obsidian


Many of the crystals I sell have a benefit listed known as Scrying…Now what is Scrying? Not the most pleasant sounding verb, scrying has been practiced in many cultures in the belief that it can reveal the past, present, or future. One of the most famous practitioners of scrying is a famed French Astrologer and seer known as Nostradamus, who published his prophecies in the sixteenth century. Some believe he predicted the rise and fall of Hitler and the shooting of JFK; however, his prophecies were particularly vague and depends heavily on the interpreter’s stance. If you read the series of books “Conversations with Nostradamus” by Dolores Cannon, Nostradamus himself states they were written purposefully to be this vague to elude the Catholic Church’s attention. 

Nostradamus’s scrying medium was a magic mirror so shiny it was almost glass in appearance but instead it was the volcanic stone of Obsidian, a crystal renowned for its truth enhancing abilities. During a past life regression written in the “Conversations with Nostradamus”, his method of scrying is described as follows. “Initially, I concentrate with the help of a few breaths and visualise a candle flame in my mind. Quite suddenly it explodes; floods with light and that’s how I see the future events within it. Every time I communicate through a vehicle I tell them to mentally picture the mirror because that helps to open up the path.” His vehicle explaining the Obsidian mirror “It’s kind of like a surface between two dimensions. One side of the glass is in our dimension and that side looks milky white, when you flip it over and see the other side, which is connected with the other dimension, you see nothing, a void, black. But there’s just nothing there because the other side of this glass is not in this dimension. The glass is a portal, a window or a doorway or something. I don’t know what technology or knowledge would produce such a thing, but it’s interesting to try to conceive the civilization that would have instruments like that.” 

Some practitioners say that the scrying medium is used to focus attention, removing unwanted thoughts, and creating a relaxation state allowing the scryer to enter a hypnotic state. In this state, the scryer may begin a free association with the perceived images. The technique of deliberately looking for and declaring these initial images aloud, however trivial they may seem to the conscious mind, attempts to deepen the trance state. In this state, some scryers hear their own detached voices confirming their vision, in a mental feedback loop. Practitioners apply the process until they achieve a satisfactory state of perception in which detailed visual images and stories seem to be projected within the medium itself, or in the mind of the scryer. They claim that the technique allows them to see important future events or images within the scrying medium.

It can be debated where the source of the visions originate, are they coming from the one who stares into the crystals subconscious or imagination, or from gods, spirits, or the collective psychic mind. Some argue these visions come from the devil himself; this is an interesting concept given that within Nostradamus’s prophecies a character that comes up time and time again is the “Anti-Christ.” Perhaps he was giving the world an enticing cat and mouse chase. Why is it always the villain in a Disney film that is using a crystal ball to spy on citizens and plot their misdeeds? A crystal ball is believed by some people to aid in the performance of clairvoyance like witches and wizards, the terminology for crystal gazing includes ‘crystallomancy’, ‘spheromancy’, and ‘catoptromancy‘. And the magic mirror is a powerful object within Disney’s Snow White tale, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most fairest of them all?” Within the mirror lives an imprisoned spirit (dressed in a theatrical mask, surrounded by smoke and fire) who must speak only the truth, normally in verse form.

Perhaps it can be said if you are going to try your mind’s eye at scrying, to do so with caution. To ensure you are protected from negative spirits and to not be so concerned with the future of things that you forget to live in the now. To ensure your crystals are free from negative programming to begin with, that they are installed with light energy. Spend some time with your crystals, get to know their vibration and charge them in the sunlight. If you have had any experience of scrying or any advice on mediums used, please comment below! 

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